No Interviews

No Interviews

24 January 2017

James Hansen

A lot of requests today for interviews, partly because of Keystone Pipeline being in the news.

On the surface, little can be said that isn’t obvious from what has been said already.

Deeper down, the story is complex. I am fed up with both sides.

I am sore about the Obama Administration’s lack of interest in a settlement of our legal case that could have committed future Administrations to have a plan for reducing emissions, specifically reductions at least as steep as in the Deep Decarbonization plan presented by John Kerry at Marrakesh (80% reduction by 2050). This could have provided a mechanism to constrain irresponsible actions by later Administrations.

Interview level comments are in my Rolling Stone interview by Jeff Goodell and my related remarks (Rolling Stones).

More useful depth requires that I finish writing Sophie’s Planet, which I am doing now.