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No Interviews

by |January 24th, 2017

No Interviews 24 January 2017 James Hansen A lot of requests today for interviews, partly because of Keystone Pipeline being in the news. On the surface, little can be said that isn’t obvious from what has been said already. Deeper down, the story is complex. I am fed up with both sides. I am sore… read more

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Global Temperature in 2016

by |January 18th, 2017

Global Temperature in 2016 18 January 2017 James Hansen[1], Makiko Satoa, Reto Ruedy[2],[3] Gavin A. Schmidtc, Ken Lob,c, Avi Persinb,c Abstract.  Global surface temperature in 2016 was the highest in the period of instrumental measurements.  Relative to average temperature for 1880-1920, which we take as an appropriate estimate of “pre-industrial” temperature, 2016 was +1.26°C (~2.3°F)… read more

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Rolling Stones

by |January 11th, 2017

Rolling Stones 11 January 2017 James Hansen I do few interviews because of the time required and my difficulty in making things clear orally.  The Rolling Stone interview by Jeff Goodell was an exception, a testimony to his abilities. An important number in the story was not right, but is being corrected.  It made me… read more

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November 2016 Global Temperature Update

by |December 15th, 2016

November 2016 Global Temperature Update The 2016 meteorological year (December 2015 through November 2016), at +1.02C relative to the 1951-80 mean, was easily the warmest year in the period of instrumental data.  The second and third warmest years were 2015 (+0.84C) and 2014 (+0.73C).           Aided by the strong El Nino, four consecutive seasons from 2015 Northern Hemisphere… read more

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A Holiday Tale

by |December 15th, 2016

A Holiday Tale  15 December 2016 James Hansen   I woke with a start to see what was the matter; not a creature was stirring, except the Mad Hatter.   Then tossing and turning, until the next thing; a vision appeared, of Rex the new King.   Lo, listen, his words, they bring forth great… read more

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Transcript of We Hold Truths to be Self-Evident

by |December 9th, 2016

Transcript of We Hold Truths to be Self-Evident 09 December 2016 James Hansen Here is the transcript, requested by a few people, of the video  discussion of the Constitutional and practical basis for solving the climate matter (opportunity/problem) in democracies.  I agree that 20 minutes was long for a video.  Sophie has an idea of… read more

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We Hold Truths to be Self-Evident

by |December 2nd, 2016

We Hold Truths to be Self-Evident 02 December 2016 James Hansen Sophie, my oldest grandchild, and I made a video  concerning the crucial issue of how the climate matter can be solved in democracies. Stopping human-made climate change is inherently difficult, because of the nature of the climate system: it is massive, so it responds only… read more

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October 2016 Global Temperature Update

by |November 15th, 2016

October 2016 Global Temperature Update The effect of the strong 2015-16 El Nino on global temperature has declined, with the impact on global temperature lagging the El Nino by a few months, as usual.  October 2016 was cooler than October 2015 (light blue asterisks), so the 12-month running mean has begun to decline.  But it is obvious that the annual mean temperature for 2016 will be much higher than in 2015.

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Emphatic Ruling by Judge Aiken

by |November 11th, 2016

Emphatic Ruling by Judge Aiken 11 November 2016 James Hansen Judge Ann Aiken, in the United States District Court in Eugene Oregon, yesterday issued an emphatic ruling in favor of the plaintiffs in the case of Juliana et al. versus the United States. In a remarkable 54-page Opinion and Order, which, for its clarity and… read more

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Climate Change Call to Action

by |October 31st, 2016

Climate Change Call to Action 31 October 2016 James Hansen A very heartening situation is arising in Washington State.  Young people have not only begun to stand up for their rights, their rights to a livable planet with prospects for a bright future, they are showing just how hard they are willing to work for… read more

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